Sit with Compassion

Could I just sit and receive the compassion of the Lord? That was the question of the day. I was facing a hard situation (as we all do from time to time). What’s so interesting is that when you are always “strong” it is difficult to receive compassion…even from God.

I don’ t recall the exact train of thoughts but somehow Holy Spirit led me to just sit…sit and receive His compassion. I even asked the Lord “why”? Why would you give me compassion in this situation when I am partially to blame. He then reminded me of how He never waits for someone to deserve compassion. He simply gives it because its His nature. None of the thousands upon thousands in the Bible deserved or earned His compassion yet He gave it. He didn’t just feel sorry for them when He saw their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs..he responded with compassion. That compassion led to healing and deliverance.

Our Father made a promise..actually a covenant (2 Kings 13:23) and has bound Himself to show us compassion. He didn’t have to do that.

I surely wrestled with just sitting and experiencing the compassion of the Lord. I kept wanting to get up and “do” instead of receiving. I just laid in my bed with my hand over my heart. I kept saying to myself…”I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me”. But, that’s not what this was. The more I just sat and mediated on receiving His compassion, the more comfortable I became. Then, tears began to flow..I was comforted and experienced His love in a new way. For me compassion, on that day, was in the gentle words He spoke to my heart. He said “I get it Tonya…it hurts”. Those words were simple, yet powerful. I needed someone to “get it” and sit with me in what I was experiencing. No judgement…just SIT with me. Those words led to a weight being lifted and I didn’t feel alone in the situation.

I believe the Lord desires for us to know Him as compassionate just as He did when He introduced himself to Moses (Exodus 34:5-6). He desires to come into our situations (when we invite Him) to show compassion. Whether we are facing trauma, drama, or an overwhelming day…Take time…make time to SIT and receive His Compassion.


PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I ask that you allow me to experience your compassion. Thank you for seeing everything and your willingness to walk through this place with me. You “get it” and you are acquainted with everything I am feeling. I now choose to sit and receive your compassion for. Thank you for responding to me and sending everything that I need. 



TonyaRenee is a Mother of 6, Educator, Artist, Writer, and Enterpreneur. The mission of TonyaReneeSpeaks is to Exhort..Edify..and Comfort.

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6 thoughts on “Sit with Compassion

  1. Truly a blessed word. As I was reading and dwelling on God I could truly feel his presence and Him wrapping his arms around me, compassionately….

  2. Beautiful, my dear friend! Thank you for speaking of His compassion for you and reminding us all that it’s there for us to receive.

  3. What the doctor ordered!! Timely word!!
    I love the way He loves us!! Compassion for self first matters, wait, is that a bumper sticker?! Just saying…

  4. Again beautiful & authentic are the two words that flood my mind!
    This is a truth that is rarely expressed. When someone is “wrong” or has done wrong, compassion is not the first attribute of God that is expressed to an offender. Judgement & criticism usually lead the way.
    Thank you Tonya for not only stiiting with compassion but sharing that experience so that others can understand that compassion is for them as well!
    Love this❤!

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