He DELIGHTS in showing Mercy!!!

For those of US who have severely messed up in their lifetime (some of US are serial offenders of the same thing) there is GOOD NEWS!! As we get to know Him better we will learn that Our God DELIGHTS…yes DELIGHTS (pleased with, happy to do it, inclined to, desires) to show us MERCY (loving kindness)!!!

So if you have made some choices (like me) that have caused you or someone you love to experience hurt, pain, rejection, guilt, shame (this is a big one) then read on…you WILL be encouraged!

Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy. Micah 7:18 NIV

Whew!! Our Father does not STAY angry. If He did…we would be in a huge mess. The fact that God does not STAY angry gives room for the next part of the scripture. He DELIGHTS (I am really loving that word…can you tell?) to show us mercy. Meaning, it makes Him happy to show us mercy! I don’t know about you but I don’t delight in anything I don’t truly love. And HE LOVES US! So when we make choices that contradict the Word of God or we choose to be disobedient we are not simply doomed to suffer the consequences. Amen for that! God has every right to judge us (and He does) and hold us accountable for our actions. YET He also desires (to the point of taking delight in it) to show us mercy in the midst of our judgment! I don’t know about you but that is some GOOD NEWS!

I found a great story in the Old Testament to illustrate this point. Take a look at Numbers 21: 4-9. The children of Israel were complaining about God and Moses (apparently God does not like complaining – take note of that). They were complaining so much so that God sent fiery, burning serpents (my eyes got big when I read that) to bite the Israelites. His judgement, based on the actions of the the Israelites, was to send the snakes. It was earned…not God being mean. As the children of Israel were being bit they realized their error (which is all God wants anyway) and went to Moses asking him to intercede for them to the Lord. I’m glad Moses did not hold their previous actions against them and went to God on their behalf. What we find is that God decided to have mercy! He directed Moses to make a bronze serpent and when the people looked upon the bronze serpent they were healed. Notice that the judgement remained in tact but GOD had mercy and let them live. I don’t believe God wants to just hurt us to hurt us. He is not like that. But be clear…HE IS HOLY and that won’t change.

What doest this mean for us? It means God wants us to know that He will have mercy on us when we have done wrong after we repent (to think differently) of our wrong doings. There is nothing that we have done where God will not show mercy. He is actually waiting on us.

I stand as a witness that God will have mercy. He will redeem even the worse situations and show mercy when you know for certain you don’t deserve it. Ask for it…He DELIGHTS to give it to us!

This is one of my favorite songs…listen closely to the lyrics.




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